I’m Anri,

the one that was scrolling past ‘oily-posts’ for months.

And here I am, not only using oils but also helping others to start using them.


I noticed more and more subtle changes in our health. Not necessarily “big-run-to-the-doc” type of things, but things like: sore feet when we got out of bed, headaches, skin changes, mood swings, not sleeping well, pain and discomforts that come and goes…

I started to wonder why we just think this is “normal” and part of getting older?

Then, 2019: My 9-year-old daughter gets diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. She is loosing her hair. And the doctors want to put her on medication with a list of side effects that sound worse than the alopecia itself. I said no to the medication.

But then I knew: It was time to stop THINKING about change but to TAKE ACTION.

I became aware of the dangers lurking in our home that was making us sick without even know it.

There are ingredients in everyday things like skin lotions, dish soap, cleaning products… all linked to disease. 

I am NOT a health, wellness or essential oil expert. In fact, I am one of the biggest sceptics when it comes to these type of products and topics you can find! 

But God’s timing is always perfect and I found a company that I can trust to use the purest ingredients around. I love their honesty and integrity.

I am on a journey to slowly replace products in our home with theirs.

I’m talking shampoo, soaps, beauty products, toothpaste, scented candles, laundry soaps… These “everyday” products that are currently in my home are filled with dangerous ingredients with the potential to make us sick, really sick, over the long term!

The company I found and trust is called Young Living (you might have hurt ‘the buzz’ about them too).

But this is what I love about Young Living: Not only are the products filled with ingredients that are 100% safe AND beneficial for me and my family, but you can also start from ‘nowhere’ and learn as you go along. I did! My motto:


I invite YOU, to be as ‘pleasantly surprised’ as me, to see how much better you can feel when you start to replace toxins in your everyday products with 100% pure essential ingredients.

It’s so worth it to switch.

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