Welcome to Anri & Co, where “co” stands for COMMUNITY.

If you’re ready to take those baby-steps to improve wellness, supporting calm in a little one, restful sleep, supported skin, hormone support, that superhero immune support, or the best smelling home on the block… then this is the community for you.

We’re about:

Making it easy and simple
Not overwhelming
Suitable for YOUR life and YOUR needs

and we would love for YOU to sit with us!

In case we haven’t met…

I’m Anri,


Mama, wife, and an entrepreneur with a burning desire to uplift and empower others. I try to wear my ‘gratitude-glasses’ and to listen carefully to how, and through what, God will speak to me every day.

I believe there is enough for everyone, and I love that we can help and support each other in this community to thrive!

I am learning every day while I discover more and more about the healing and healthy world of essential oils.

I LOVE sharing and educating, and would be honoured to do this with you.


Anri xox

Be fearless in your pursuit of health and happiness —
you are worth it friend!

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